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Meet  the Artist

Alyssa Romano is a New York based makeup artist with experience in hair styling. She grew up in the salon with her mom watching her do hair & makeup. Being in this environment stimulated constant creativity, and a love for what a simple face of makeup or hairstyle could do for someone's self-esteem. As a dancer, wearing makeup helped her embody the character she was portraying. 

In high school, she did makeup for sweet sixteens and many award-winning photo shoots. Growing her social media presence, she realized she loved designing new creative looks. After graduating high school, Alyssa attended Make-Up Designory  (MUD) in NYC, completing the intensive Master's program. Looking forward to any & all opportunities the future has in store for her, she hopes to continue to expand her abilities & experiences.





Mission Statement

“Doing makeup should be a fun experience, whether it's enhancing your beauty or being turned into a character. My goal is to make the model/client confident in any makeup I put on them, to bring out the character so they can make them come to life. Makeup is an art and when you put it on, so are you.”

Alyssa Romano

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